Planning Lab for 

Sustainability and

Climate Change

Developing planning solutions for sustainable, climate-ready futures


In KAIST PLaSC2 Lab, we study various urban and regional planning problems including but not limited to climate change, urban sprawl, environmental pollution, and environmental/climate justice. We analyze various quantitative and qualitative data using innovative novel methodologies to understand the causes and the impacts of these problems. From the analysis outcome, we derive planning policy implications and develop policy recommendations to inform our communities, planners, and decision-makers which would hopefully lead to finding solutions to these problems. We also seek to enhance communications among the stakeholders with effective data visualization and communications using emerging online platforms and technologies. 


Our mission is to develop innovative planning solutions to promote sustainable development, environmental protection, and climate change mitigation/adaptation. Our vision is to become a leading planning research hub in Korea that fosters interdisciplinary collaboration among planners, engineers, and scientists to tackle important urban and regional planning challenges.  

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